How Big Does a Goldendoodle Get?

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The biggest a Goldendoodle can get is 75 pounds, which is considered the largest size. This size is common among males. When it comes to the size of a Goldendoodle, its size is influenced by a lot of factors, including age and gender.

From studies, it’s challenging to find a female Goldendoodle that grows beyond 65 pounds. However, the minimum male Goldendoodles can measure is 23 inches. Choosing a good Goldendoodle that will serve as a companion goes beyond their size. You have to consider their personality as well as physical appearance.

Before we go into details, we want to introduce you to the category of sizes Goldendoodles come in and then we will answer the question of how big does a Goldendoodle get?

Goldendoodle Size Category

Small Size

This is the lowest size range and is the ideal choice for individuals who want to raise their Goldendoodle from “puppy” level. This category of dogs stand between 10 to 15 inches and weigh around 30 pounds. At this stage, the Doodle is small and could be the perfect choice for homeowners and RV travelers who want a companion when on the road.

Medium Size

These categories of Goldendoodle stand at 15 to 20 inches and put on 45 pounds in weight. They are large enough to serve as working dogs as well as a family pet in a large household.

Standard Size

This is the largest of all Goldendoodle size, and they have a separate space in the house where they live. They’re gigantic and serve as watchdogs in large apartments. They weigh above 50 pounds and stand at 22 inches minimum.

The best thing about the size of these dogs is that with the right grooming, a small Goldendoodle can grow into a standard-sized doodle in no time. The cost of these dogs also depends on their size. You will naturally expect the bigger sized Goldendoodle to cost more.

Goldendoodle Personality

The Goldendoodle serves a different purpose in the modern world. They’re highly prized assets and serve as watchdogs in the military. These dogs are flexible and easy to train due to their high level of intelligence, social skills, and ability to get along with other animals. They are gentle but are quick to spot danger.

Goldendoodle Appearance

Starting with the fur, they can be anything from wavy and curly to straight. The color of their hair is quite interesting. Most breeds bring a shade of cream and apricot, but you can find those with a mixed red and cream color.

The only issue with this breed is that, unlike the Cockapoo, they shed their fur easily and could create a mess in your home. On the other hand, it also means you don’t have to invest in a clipper or scissors to trim things independently.

Final Thoughts

Of all the crossbreeds, the Goldendoodle happens to be a top pick for most homeowners and people with kids. This is because they easily adapt to changes and are more social. They aren’t aggressive, and they serve different purposes.

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