Training Help Has Arrived. My Own Experience with Doggy Dan

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Training Help Has Arrived. My Own Experience with Doggy Dan

TL;DR   My Cockapoo Sherbert and I trained together with Doggy Dan’s techniques. I personally recommend. I’ve read some neutral reviews from other trainers but I feel its worth your time. 

Train your Doodle by Becoming a Leader

It’s your first trip to the dog park, and you are excited. You’ve been doing all of the training, making sure that your doodle is ready to prove he’s a good citizen. You enter the enclosure and remove his leash, and he’s gone, jumping on other dogs and their humans. And what’s worse, he won’t listen. He won’t come back at all.

It’s only after the other dog park goers leave that you can manage to round him up. You’re embarrassed, disappointed, and a little angry. You’d been working so hard. There’s only one problem.

It’s not that your cockapoo has too much energy. It’s not that your maltipoo or yorkie poo aren’t smart enough to learn. It’s not your goldendoodle’s personality.

The simple truth is: you’re not the leader, and your pup is not inspired to follow.

Dogs have natural instincts, and it’s important to understand how they would live in the wild if they had the chance. 

Dogs in the Wild

In the wild, wolves travel, live, and hunt in packs. Their pack structure is based on hierarchy where there are two leaders (usually a male and a female breeding pair) and the rest of the family. These leaders, often referred to as alphas, are only higher in the hierarchy because they are a breeding pair. Since the rest of the pack is composed of their offspring, there is a natural dominance that these alphas have over their young.

There are certain rules that wolves follow in their pack. The leaders, or elders, decide when and where the family will travel and hunt, and usually, the pack leaders will get the first bite of a meal. They’ll also teach their young how to play and hunt.

While many people think that this pack structure is based on showing dominance and establishing rules, it’s actually about guiding and teaching other pack members how to survive. Confrontations for dominance, where one wolf pins down another, are very rare in pack settings. Many experts believe that in a traditional wolf pack, with a breeding pair and their offspring, these fights will never happen.

When we think of dominance and relating it to our training style with our dogs, we often think that we have to be the alpha; we have to be the dominant one. This may be true in a sense, but showing your dog who’s boss doesn’t make you a leader. You’d be teaching them that you can take something away or that you can yell at them. You’re not teaching your dog to be your pack member. 

In fact, this harsh dominance training doesn’t often get the desired effect. You don’t inspire your dog to be in your pack. You’re not guiding them to become a part of your family, and you’re not fostering the familial relationship. You may provide them with food, treats, and toys, but it’s important to become a leader, to teach them how to survive in the doggy world, and to make them want to do it.

This is where Doggy Dan, the Online Dog Trainer comes in.

Doggy Dan, the Online Dog Trainer

Known across the globe as a celebrity trainer, media personality, and acclaimed author, Dogg Dan has not only been an animal rights activist, but he’s been able to help every dog and humans he’s encountered. Reigning as one of the world’s leading dog trainers, Doggy Dan found his start in Auckland, New Zealand, where he lives.

His dog training videos are all online, making them easy to access, and they are based on 5 Golden Rules that are designed for convenience and give you all the tools to become the leader or alpha of your pack.

He offers a 60-day money back guarantee, but once your goldendoodle starts following your commands, you won’t want your money back. Having developed his online program to suit everyone’s needs and to master any issue, Doggy Dan has helped more than 57,000 dog owners to become the leaders of their own packs.

Doggy Dan’s Methods

The Online Trainer offers all of his services online, which allows him to work with people from around the world. On his website, he offers free video lessons that address issues in simple and step-by-step methods to help ensure pet owners can lead their own dog to good behavior.

In addition to buying his courses, you get access to Doggy Dan himself. He genuinely wants the best for you and the best for your dog. With so many happy customers, it’s apparent that he’s passionate about helping you make your family happy and successful with his methods.

Pack Leader

The main goal of the Online Dog Trainer is to help you become a pack leader. He uses techniques that are based in leading versus using force, aggression, or fear to get your dog to listen. In addition, you won’t have to spend all your money on treats to get your dog to listen. His exercises allow you to foster natural leadership skills that mimic dogs in the wild.

Why Other Training Fails

A benefit to the Doggy Dan training programs is that he will tell you exactly why other methods of training fail. He breaks it down, and he will explain why his methods work better. For example, Doggy Dan addresses training your dog through food. While it can be useful for teaching your dog tricks, treats have no logical use in serious situations. You can’t stop your dog from running or attacking another dog with a treat.

Tools to Communicate

Doggy Dan gives you the tools to communicate with your dog in a way that he or she understands. Going back to the instinctual habits of the wolf pack, you’ll essentially become the pack leader, or as close as a human can get to one. You’ll be able to teach and lead, making sure you get the best results with your pup.

A Calm Dog is a Happy Dog

Dogs that are excited can have that excitement turn into a problem. Their excitement can present itself through running and jumping uncontrollably as well as becoming aggressive with wild animals, other dogs, and even humans.

Doggy Dan gives solutions on how to get your dog to respect you and listen to you even if they are excited. You can help your dog harness that energy into good behavior, and you’ll help them learn that being calm will make them happy as well.

This is especially important for high energy dogs like doodles, labradors, or golden retrievers. It can even be used for more aggressive dog breeds like chihuahuas and pit bulls. Even if your dog is calm already, you can find information to continue fostering that calm.

Intuitive Site

Doggy Dan’s website not only offers his training courses, but it’s loaded with free information. Once visiting the site, you can look at the type of problem you’re having with your dog. For example, if your dog doesn’t respond to your call, like in our example, there is a specific video that breaks down the methods you can use to help foster and inspire better behavior.

In addition, this site features free training courses, especially built around puppies, so you start your cockapoo or maltipoo off on the right paw. Once you find out how easy these methods are, you can even learn how to become a dog trainer as well as listen to podcasts and read the Doggy Dan blog.

You’re the Leader

Unlike other training methods, you don’t have to drop your dog off for a workshop where they learn to listen to someone else. Because these videos are online, you can access them anywhere, and you can work on them when you have the time. This allows you to cultivate a relationship with your dog through the communication tools that your dog can actually understand. 

Final Thoughts

If his reviews don’t speak for him, then his passion will. Doggy Dan dedicates his training courses and his website to his dog, Peanut, who passed away a few years ago. Doggy Dan really does show that dogs are part of your family, and that giving them a chance to follow you as a leader.

Leave the traditional training methods (and bribery) behind, and learn to communicate with your dog in a way that inspires them to follow you as a leader with Doggy Dan, the Online Dog Trainer. My dog Sherbert and I both enjoyed his training and I honestly recommend. 


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