9 Popular Celebrities with Maltipoos

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Maltipoos, or Maltese Poodles, are a crossbreed of dogs that are bred almost exclusively for the celebrity class to keep a low-maintenance companion. Within this article, we’ll be covering the Maltipoo and some of the celebrities that keep these little toy pets.

Maltipoos are hybrid pups that are popular amongst all groups of people, as they are affectionate dogs that make perfect family pets. They are even used as therapy dogs because of their personalities. They are ideal for helping people who are feeling down and need to be a bit more active or feel a bit more loved.

These bundles of energy and fluff are always ready to go for a good run, walk, or to enjoy playtime, regardless of the actual time of day. Because they are very active and friendly dogs, they are perfect first-time pets for anyone looking to begin their pet-owner journey.

However, you need to be sure that you can give your pet a lot of attention and keep them active, as they develop separation anxiety quickly. However, on the flip side, they also create strong bonds and prove to be excellent companions.

As a Celebrity Dog

For a time, Maltese Poodles became incredibly popular among celebrities, to the point that it was more common for a celebrity to have a Maltipoo than to not have one. There are various reasons for this, as we shall soon discover.

Of course, one of the first reasons would be aesthetics. As a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle, they have a very distinct, fluffy appearance, and their small size as a toy dog makes them great for celebrities to show off.

They are incredibly small and intelligent lapdogs, and they serve great as therapy dogs. However, one of the best aspects is their low-maintenance, hypoallergenic coat, and the fact that they shed very little. All they require is a lot of love and attention and to be kept active with regular walks and playtime.

Obviously, as a celebrity, having these therapeutic moments with their pets and the companionship of such animals is just what they need to break through the high-octane, fast-paced life of high society.

Celebrities with Maltipoos

There are plenty of celebrities who keep Maltese Poodles as pets, with their pets becoming just as famous as them in some instances. Here is a short list of some stars and their Maltese Poodles:

Ashley Tisdale – Blondie and Maui

Michelle Kwan – Ginseng

Blake Lively – Penny

Miley Cyrus – Sophie

Carmen Electra – Kiko

Vanessa Hudgens – Shadow

Rihanna – DJ

Jessica Simpson – Daisy

Ellen DeGeneres – Wolf

As you can tell, there are quite a few Maltipoos in the celebrity world, many more than those listed here. Many past celebrities have owned these pets, such as Marilyn Monroe. Other celebrities include Daisy Lowe, Susan Sarandon, Eva Longoria, and even Madonna!


Maltipoos are excellent companion pets. They are incredibly affectionate and just as active. They love attention, thrive off of interactions, and do not like to be away from their owner for very long. This makes them excellent pets for celebrities looking for a close companion to help serve as an anchor in the whirlwind of celebrity life.

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