Best Toys for Yorkies of 2022: Reviews with Comparison

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If you are looking for a small but big personality in your next pup, then the Yorkshire Terrier is a great choice. Lovingly called a Yorkie, the pup will grow to be no more than 7 pounds and typically will have a beautiful floor-length coat of either greyish-blue or a beautiful brown. The pup is feisty and very loyal. The feisty nature of the pup is why having a good set of toys available for them is so important.

Yorkies will not necessarily be aggressive but they can be quite rough with toys. They will also be very territorial for those toys. In order to choose the right toy, you will need to consider the temperament of your Yorkie. In order for us to find the five options we feel are the best toys for Yorkies, we used the following features as guideposts:

Durability – Yorkies are notorious for chewing through almost everything, especially when they are puppies. So if you don’t want to be replacing the pup’s toys every week or so, you will want to find a durable toy for more return on your investment.

Materials – Paying attention to the materials used in a toy’s constructions is also essential. You want to choose toys that use plastics or other synthetics that are not harmful to your Yorkie.

Size – Yorkies are small dogs and therefore need smaller toys as they have little mouths. So you want to find a toy that matches the size of your pup so that they don’t hurt themselves and get the most out of the toy.

You will want to also consider the type of toy. Trying to find one that is super interactive is great for this feisty and opinionated pooch. As we said, these features are how we chose the toys we will be reviewing below and how you can choose the right one for your furry friend.

Comparison Chart

Hartz Chew ‘n Clean Dental Duo Dog Chew Toy
Best for Teething
Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball Dog Toy
Best Interactive Toy
Multipet Original Loofa Dog Latex Ruff Dog Toy
Best Squeaky Toy

Best Toys for Yorkies Reviews

Multipet Loofa Squeaky Toy


This first toy is good for dogs of all ages and great to play fetch with. The active Yorkie will love this toy as it is fitted with features to keep them engaged and made to stand up to aggressive play.


The main features of this toy include:

  • Built-in squeaker
  • Crafted in non-toxic latex
  • Easy clean material
  • No plastic parts
  • Weight – 1.3 oz.

Bright colors and soft toys make for a great combination. This gives the Multipet Loofa Squeaky toy a leg up as the visibility of the piece will keep the pup engaged with it quite a bit. The color aside, there is also the fact that though a plush toy, the toy is crafted with a high-grade material that will help it last longer.

The materials are one of the best features of this toy, not only because of its durability but also because it is a non-toxic option. Inside the toy is a squeaker that will help with the toy’s interactive nature, which is important when finding a toy for this breed.

The squeaker is a great addition to the toy, but there is one flaw with it. The noise level of the squeaker is quite loud, which may annoy some Yorkie parents. So if you are someone who gets annoyed easily, trying another option may be a good idea.

The only other issue is that some owners have complained of a strong rubber chemical smell when taken straight from the package. You may want to let it air out before letting your pup play with it just to be on the safe side.


  • Crafted with high-quality materials for better durability
  • A compact toy that is perfect for small to medium dogs
  • Squeaker is snuggly fitted in the toy
  • Manufactured with non-toxic latex for safer play


  • Issues with the noise level of squeaker
  • Problem with a strong rubber smell straight from the package


KONG Plush Teddy Bear


The next toy is a small teddy bear that is not only good for play but for your little one to use as a companion. It is crafted with care and to give the pup what it needs.


The main features of this bear include:

  • Made with non-toxic, high-quality materials
  • Comes with a replaceable squeaker
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Velcro closure

Not only is this toy cute to look at, but it also is more interactive than you may expect for a plush teddy bear. Yorkies love to play, but they also love to cuddle, and so this teddy bear gives them the best of both worlds. One of the best features of this toy is its size.

Though some may think it is too small, it is just the right size for your little Yorkie’s mouth. The compact size will allow them to easily carry it with them no matter where they decide to play or nap. On top of that, to ensure that it can withstand the Yorkie’s chewing habits, it is reinforced.

As great as this toy is, there are still some issues that we feel you should be aware of before you make your final decision. Though it is reinforced, it is still unable to handle super chewers as some Yorkies are.

The other issue we find with this toy is that the squeaker is in a compartment only closed by a Velcro tab. Yorkies are curious and intelligent. This means that if they try real hard, they may figure out how to open the toy and remove the squeaker, which then becomes a choking hazard.



  • Bear is cuddly and soft, which is perfect for the Yorkie
  • Finished with reinforced stitching for longer life
  • Ideal for any size Yorkie
  • Comes with an extra squeaker in case the first gets damaged


  • May not be a great choice for aggressive chewers
  • Squeaker closed in with Velcro material


Pet Qwerks Interactive Talking Ball


Yorkies are feisty and playful, and so interactive toys are a great way to keep them busy. This ball has multiple noises and vocals that will engage your pup’s curiosity and allow them to have a great time even if you’re not at home.


The main features of this ball include:

  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Motion-activated sounds (x20)
  • Made with high impact ABS
  • Powered by 3 – 1.5V batteries

The Interactive Talking Ball is by far the most interactive toy on this list. In fact, this toy doesn’t even need you to be interactive. Crafted with a ton of voices and sounds, the ball will keep your pup curious and, therefore, engaged. But even though the pup will be engaged and rambunctious with the ball, it can take it.

The ball is crafted with high-grade ABS plastic, and this makes it super durable. The system is motion-activated, which means that the ball will automatically turn off when the pup is done playing with it. This means that the battery will last longer. It also comes in many varieties so that you can find the right one for your pup.

We think a few things could be improved to make this toy even better for both the pup and the owner. The first is that it is heavy because of the material. This leaves it unable to be used for fetch.

You also may want to really ensure that your Yorkie is okay with noise. Some dogs do not react to noises well and either become scared or way too aggressive.


  • Designed with multiple features for enhanced interactivity
  • No worry about rough play as it can stand up to it
  • Multiple options to choose from for better personalization
  • Fitted with an auto shut off and on system


  • Hard plastic makes it unable to be used to catch
  • Some pups may not react well to all the noises


Hartz Chew ‘n Clean Duo Toy


Each dog is different, and the folks at Hartz know this, which is why they crafted our next toy with a wide variety of options. Not only is this toy great for playtime, but it also helps keep your pup’s dental health on point.


The main features of this toy include:

  • Nylon shell with an edible flavored interior
  • 2-in-1 toy
  • Designed for improved dental health
  • Weight – 1.1 oz.

Dental health for any dog is important and so when you can get a toy that helps with it is a great investment. This Hartz chew toy is one of these. It can help fight and prevent plaque and fresh breath. The good thing is that it is crafted with a treat inside, which ignites your Yorkie’s sense of smell.

This will ensure that the pup is into the toy for sure. But there is more; it is the perfect size for the diminutive Yorkie, and because it is crafted with sturdy materials, it will last much longer than other options. You can also choose between several shapes. That way, you can make it fit your pup’s preferences.

As good as it is, there are still some drawbacks to opting for this toy. It is pricier than other treat chew toys. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this may not be the one for you.

The only other concern we have is that there have been many reports of the plastic lining that holds the treat in, breaking. This is not necessarily bad when it comes to the treat, but you don’t want your little pup to eat the plastic.



  • Crafted to help with plaque and bad breath
  • There is a model for every size of pup
  • High-grade materials allow for the dog to play longer
  • Comes in a variety of shapes, so every pup is happy


  • Some may find the price a little expensive
  • Issues with the toy lining breaking easily


Frisco Rope w/ Squeaking Ball

147098 Main. AC SL400 V1539366433

Our last toy is a versatile option that is perfect for those playful Yorkies. It can be used for tug of war and fetch, which makes it a nice choice for any Yorkie who needs plenty of exercise.


The main features of this ball include:

  • Built-in squeaker
  • Designed with a durable rope handle
  • Crafted to allow for distance throwing
  • Manufactured with polyester and thermoplastic rubber

Two games that every dog loves, whether they are a big dog or a smaller dog like a Yorkie, is tug of war and toss/fetch. This toy gives you and your pup the ability to do both. It is manufactured with high-quality material so that it can stand up to long playtimes and rougher play too.

The polyester rope and plastic ball are both great for the aggressive chew of the Yorkie. Plus, you get two toys for the price of one, which makes it well worth the investment.

The use of plastic and polyester may give it a longer life, but it also adds a bit of weight to the toy. This means that it could hurt if you throw it too hard and it accidentally hits your pup or someone standing close.

The squeaker is also a wee bit loud, which doesn’t matter if you are playing outside. But if you have a play session in the house, you may find the noise irritating.


  • The ball is crafted to stand up to any kind of play
  • Multiple types of play possible thanks to the design
  • Price versus value is pretty amazing
  • The toy can withstand even aggressive chewers


  • The heft of the toy makes it potentially dangerous if thrown too hard
  • Some may find the squeaker a little loud


Final Thoughts

Yorkies have become super popular because they are loyal and loving, as well as compact and easy to care for. They do need toys that can withstand their aggressive chewing but as long as you use the features we discussed in the intro, you should find toys that meet those requirements.

We used these features to choose these five choices, but these are just some of the best toys for Yorkies on the market today. Hopefully, we have found something that will keep your little Yorkie and you happy.

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