Best Dog Toys for Labradoodles of 2022 [Buying Guide]

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Over the last decade, one of the dog breeds that has gained popularity is the Labradoodle. A mix between a Poodle and a Labrador, these inquisitive pups are sociable and super intelligent.

They are adoring and fun-loving dogs that are perfect for anyone, whether they are single or have a family. These characteristics being present means that you need to have the right toys available for them.

In order to figure out the toy that is right for your pup, you will have to consider a few things. In fact, these things are what we used to determine the five best dog toys for Labradoodles that we will be taking a look at in just a few minutes. These features were:

Type of Chewer

There are two types of chewers – leisurely and aggressive. Some fall in between, but when thinking about what toy to get, these are the two major ones. For a more leisurely chewer, you can opt for plush toys as they won’t destroy them too fast.

The aggressive chewer takes a little effort. There are plush toys that can be found for them. However, they do better with rubber or harder materials.


The age of the dog matters a lot for several different reasons. A young Labradoodle may be teething, and so you will want to find a toy that helps with that. The pup will also have to have a smaller toy. On the other hand, an older dog will want something that is more engaging. You will want to choose one that can stand up to the older Labradoodle’s energy and chewing capability.


The material that is right for your pup may depend on the two considerations above. You will want to match the materials to both the chewing type and the age of your pup. But there is one other consideration when it comes to this feature. You will want to pay attention to the materials to ensure that the toys are constructed without contaminates.

There are also a few types of toys to choose from:

Teething? These toys are specifically designed for the young labradoodle. They tend to be more durable and often are designed to help relieve gum and mouth pains associated with teething.

Dental Cleaning. If your pup has plaque build-up or bad breath, there are toys that can help combat this.

Interactive or puzzle toys. Labradoodles are very smart and, therefore, can be easily bored. Finding a toy that challenges their intellect will keep them from getting into trouble.

Treat dispensers These are nice too because they will keep Labradoodles busy and give them treats for figuring things out.

Now that you have an idea of how we chose the options below, we can take an in-depth look at each. We have selected carefully and know that there is something on our list for every Labradoodle owner and their precious pup. So let’s get started so your pup can get playing, shall we?

Comparison Chart

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KONG Puppy Goodie Bone Dog Toy
Best for Teething
ChuckIt! Ultra Ball
Best Price
KONG Jumbler Football Dog Toy
Best Chew Proof Toy

Best Dog Toys for Labradoodles Reviews

KONG Football Toy


Our first toy is crafted to be a versatile one that can keep even the most energetic labradoodle occupied. KONG has designed a toy that is capable of standing up to tough play.


  • 2-in-1 squeaker and ball
  • Fitted with an interior squeaker
  • Crafted with easy to pick up handles
  • Durable and great for fetch
  • Comes in 2 sizes to suit your dog
  • Multiple colors available

This toy has everything a Labradoodle needs. It is crafted for different kinds of play and materials that can stand up to even the most aggressive chewer. If we had to choose one thing that is the stand-out feature, it would be the toy’s light weight.

The football toy comes in two sizes, but no matter which one you choose, the weight of the toy is easy for your dog to pick up and throw around. It also allows for a great game of fetch with your four-legged friend. On top of that, it has a great squeaker, which is why we think it is a great option.

Now, there are a few issues that we have with this toy from KONG. The squeaker is a nice touch and definitely keeps a pup engaged, but its durability is a little less than we would like. On top of that, the toy is not great for use in water as the squeaker tends to absorb water.



  • Crafted with high-quality materials for enhanced durability
  • Squeak noise keeps dog engaged for a long time
  • Toys can be played with or without their humans
  • Football is lightweight, which makes it great for all sizes of Labradoodles


  • Issues with the toys squeaker durability (and noise can be annoying for humans)
  • Not suitable for use in water – squeaker absorbs water


ZippyPaws Plush Donutz Toy


This appetizing entry will have your dog playing for hours. This toy’s design is completed with care and attention to durability, which makes it a great option for your fun-loving labradoodle.


  • Available in 7 colors
  • 2 crescent squeakers
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Weight – 0.8 oz.

There is a lot to love about this toy. Not only will your pup think it looks pretty appetizing, but they will have fun for hours with it. The donut design makes for a cute option, and your Labradoodle will love getting the toy to squeak as well as running through your home with it wrapped around its nose.

Though it is plush, it can be good for medium roughness when it comes to playing. All of that makes this a great investment, and that investment won’t hurt the wallet either.

Unfortunately, it is not a great option for a heavy chewer. That means if your pup is a little more aggressive, you will want to look at one of the other options. The squeaker is also easily broken, especially if your pup is a little more energetic than others.



  • Well designed to stand up to medium levels of play
  • A good option for indoor play and fetch
  • Squeaker is designed to fit the entire circle
  • Price versus value is really great


  • Not a great option for heavy chewers
  • Squeaker may break before the toy is destroyed


KONG Goodie Bone Toy


This next entry is a great option if you are looking for a fun toy for your labradoodle puppy. It is designed to deal with teething and be so interactive that even the most rambunctious pup will be engaged for hours.


  • Available in 2 colors
  • Designed to be interactive and help with intellectual development
  • Special rubber formula to soothe gums
  • Capable of being used with KONG solutions

For the younger pup that may still be teething a bit, the KONG Goodie Bone is one of the best choices out there. It is crafted to help with gum and mouth pain. It can also be stuffed with treats or KONG proprietary solutions that can help with other issues.

The toy comes in two colors – pink and blue. The treat dispensing of the toy gives the Labradoodle a puzzle to try to figure out, and this is great for such an intelligent dog.

Even with all that, there are some issues that we think all dog parents should know about. Though it is designed for teething, if you have a very aggressive chewer, the toy may be destroyed pretty fast. There have also been some issues with the size. Many have felt that the size seems smaller when received than pictured.


  • A great option for your new puppy who loves to chew
  • Capable of being filled with kibble or KONG filters
  • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes for different ages
  • Great toy for keeping your pup entertained for hours


  • Issues with durability, not great for aggressive chewers
  • Some have found the size a bit small


ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz Plush Toy


Do you want a toy that can stand up to rough play and won’t leave you with a mess to clean? Then this pet toy from ZippyPaws could be a winner. This trio of no-fluff plush woodland creature toys will make sure your pup has a variety of options to spend his day.


  • 3 animal toys
  • Fitted with high-grade squeakers
  • No stuffing
  • 18 inches long
  • Weight – 3.2 oz.

Often, when it comes to plush toys, dog owners stay away from them when their pups are as energetic and playful as a Labradoodle. After all, who wants to clean that mess up? But the cute woodland creature plush toys don’t have that problem as they are constructed with no stuffing.

Each of the three toys that comes in the pack has its own unique squeaker, which will keep the curious Labradoodle pup engaged. The toys are designed to stand up to heavy play, and that makes them a great investment.

Even though these toys are designed with reinforced stitching and durable materials, you may want to reconsider if you are dealing with a super aggressive pup. Plus, if the pup gets a hole in the toy, the squeaker is very easy to remove and may become a choking hazard.



  • No stuffing used in the toy, which offers better durability
  • Keeps the pup interested with variable squeakers
  • Finished with a strong seam so it can stand up to medium level play
  • Comes with multiple toys in one package for better value


  • Issues with the squeaker – easy to remove (could be a choking hazard)
  • May not stand up to pup who chews with passion


ChuckIt! Ultra Ball


For play on land and in the water, there are fewer toys better than the Ultra Ball from ChuckIt!. This ball will stand up to the energetic play of your Labradoodle with no problem!


  • Lightweight material easily floats
  • Accessories sold for even more versatility of play
  • Crafted with texture and heavy core
  • 2 balls/pkg
  • Weight – 6.6 oz.

The ball is a classic toy for dogs for a reason. It keeps them running and burns energy that may be pent up from being house pets. This is especially important for breeds like the Labradoodle. This ball is crafted with high-grade rubber that is safe and comfortable for your pup to carry.

No dog is left behind either as the toy comes in several sizes, which means the toy can grow with your dog. The bright colors make it very visible for the pup, making it a great fetch toy. Also, for the owner, if the ball happens to get dirty, it is really easy to clean.

The material is gentle on the pup’s mouth and easy to clean. The dense core needed to make it so bouncy also adds a bit of heft. This could be a bad choice for little ones that are still teething as they could end up damaging their teeth.

The only other issue is if the pup is able to crack it. Once it is split, the ball will fall into pieces, which could be a choking hazard. (This doesn’t happen often, but it has been reported, so we wanted to make you aware.)


  • Crafted to be gentle and safe for your puppy’s mouth
  • A wide range of sizes make it great for a wide range of pups
  • High visibility from the bright colors used – easy to find in the yard
  • The material makes the toy easy to clean and keep hygienic


  • The ball may be a bit heavy due to plastic
  • Problems with splitting – choking hazard


Final Thoughts

Labradoodles are energetic, loving, and highly intelligent. So when choosing a toy, you want one that will stand up to their energy but keep their mind engaged so they will stay entertained longer.

These five toys are just a small sample of the plethora of amazing toys out there that would be perfect for a Labradoodle. If they don’t fit your needs, then make sure to remember to use the features and information in the intro to help you find the right one.

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