Best Dog Clippers for Labradoodles: 2022’s Best Picks

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Grooming a dog can be a tricky and expensive business in the long run. In other words, in case you don’t understand how to groom a dog, or it’s your first time getting a pet clipper, chances are you may get an unsuitable one for your dog. Here is the kicker: Not all clippers are created the same, and not all clippers are made for Labradoodles. They are delicate creatures with thick and strong fur that deserve more care.

Despite the filters in place on many online stores, you still have hundreds of models to sort through, most of which don’t offer what the manufacturers promise. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work and have found the five best dog clippers for Labradoodles. You can choose any of them with your eyes closed!

Comparison Chart

Oster A6 Slim Heavy Duty Animal Clipper
Best Choice
Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers – Model 9766
Best Price
Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Clipper
Best Maneuverability

Best Dog Clippers for Labradoodles Reviews

Wahl 9766 Cordless Animal Clipper


The Wahl 9766 Clipper is our best dog clippers for Labradoodles because of its price, cordless design, and low noise. Let’s see the features and how it can help groom your lovely pet.


The Wahl 9766 is part of the Pro Series from the brand. It is a cordless animal clipper with a built-in lithium-ion battery. The product is packaged in a cardboard box on which you can discover the main specifications. And on the back of the same box, there is a summary of all the accessories provided. As a bonus, it comes with a travel kit. The travel case is equipped with a handle that facilitates transport or which allows it to be hung up for storage.

The blade, which is arguably one of the most important elements in a clipper, has a width of around 45mm. A dial allows you to adjust its height, whether you use it with or without a guide comb. This thus makes it possible to make gradations while keeping the same guide comb. The dog clipper is also equipped with a powerful motor powered by a Lithium-ion battery. It has the double advantage of charging faster and lasting longer.

The guide combs come with different color codes. This means you will be able to identify the comb that corresponds to the cutting height you want. Relatively heavy and a bit noisy, this device turns out to be very efficient despite its price.

This Wahl Pro Lithium Clipper is specially designed for animal haircutting and is supplied with complete accessories needed for using it. It features color-coded guide combs, a comb, a pair of scissors, and everything that can be packed in the transport case. For maintenance, there is also a cleaning brush and oil to lubricate the blades.

The blades are precision types that self-sharpen, according to Wahl. The battery can be fully charged in 60 minutes and can provide a runtime of 2 hours.


  • Features precision blades which are self-sharpening
  • Cordless design for better transportability and handling
  • Heavy-duty Lithium-ion battery provides up to 2-hour runtime
  • Clipper guide combs are color-coded for easy identification
  • It includes a transport suitcase


  • The motor is not very powerful
  • Not as quiet as advertised


Oster A6 Slim 3-speed Pet Clipper


The Oster dog clipper certainly does not figure among the cheapest models on the market. But it is a machine with professional features that impressed us at first glance.


One of the biggest selling points of the grooming clipper is its powerful motor. It has three adjustable speed settings. The heavy-duty motor of the clipper runs at more than 4,000 SPM. Given its high performance, it is a model that should be considered for those who shear dogs professionally. The clipper’s motor stops at nothing. Once turned on, it proceeds swiftly until the work is completed.

It is designed to resist voltage fluctuations and always works with constant power, delivering homogeneous performance. This is an excellent model to buy if you plan to set up professionally as a hair groomer of various types of dogs. Although it’s sold at a considerably high price, this model is among the best-selling dog clippers among professionals in this sector.

The machine has a unique and advanced feature known as Vibration Isolators. This is a patent-pending feature that limits the level of vibrations. With the level of vibration reduced, together with the clipper’s lightweight construction, it considerably reduces hand fatigue for the operator. This is also perfect to avoid making your dog nervous during shearing.

As mentioned earlier, you can adjust the speed power on three levels. First, this offers the operator flexibility when it comes to speed control. It’s also a good way to limit the risk of overheating or noise that could annoy your animal or make it fret. Set at the highest speed level, it runs at 4400SPM. Next is 3600 SPM, and the lowest is 3100 SPM.

Among the models sold online, this product stands out for its cut effectiveness. It manages to work even on the most tousled and shaggy hair. The clipper does not run on battery but must be connected to an electrical outlet. In our opinion, one of the downsides with the Oster A6 is its price, which is high. It may be too high for some simple animal lovers. But, for professional use, this is a medium-range device.


  • 3 speed settings for speed, noise, and vibration control
  • It has a professional-grade zinc alloy construction
  • Powerful motor with over 4,000 strokes per minute
  • Includes patent-pending Vibration Isolators for a reduction in vibration


  • The price is high for non-professional uses


Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Clipper

Believe us when we say, if you need professional equipment, the Andis UltraEdge AGC2 2-Speed ​​Detachable Blade Clipper is the best thing you could hope for. With detachable, two-speed options, and heavy-duty construction, you won’t find many like it.


In case you like Labradoodles or Poodles, chances are you like dogs in general as well. If it comes to grooming different dogs, the Andis UltraEdge performs well when it comes to grooming a variety of breeds. You won’t have any worries facing silky smooth or coarse and curly hair by getting this model.

The device is placed in an unbreakable case and is safer to transport. Because of the sturdiness, you can bet the clipper won’t break even under challenging circumstances.

Not many expect that a two-speed rotary motor would be included in a product of this price point. The 120-volt motor runs cool and quietly at 4400 strokes per minute for the highest speed and 3400 for the lower speed. The cable is also quite long, 14 inches to be precise. As a result, you can easily pass this clipper around your Poodle.

The device has a removable blade design, which makes it a lot easier to use. You have two size-10 Ultra-Edge blades. All of these blades are tempered with a special procedure to perform better than average blades. The clipper can also work with Oster 5 blades. Removing and cleaning the blades is easy too. The Andis UltraEdge clipper is safe to use. It includes a lock facility and won’t turn on if you don’t want it to.

We like the overall look and construction of the device. Thanks to the shatterproof housing, it is robust and suitable for a long period of use. The clipper can shave all kinds of dog fur. In case you have a distinct breed different from a Labradoodle, Labrador, or Poodle, don’t worry; it’s very versatile. The price seems a bit high; however, the features will surely make up for it.


  • The clipper doesn’t shake or vibrate
  • Includes a 14″ long cord for flexibility
  • Powerful motor with a built-in cooler
  • Heavy-duty shatterproof housing for longevity


  • The possibility of a cordless use could be great
  • The price seems a bit high


Aeolus CL-6110 Electric Grooming Clipper

clippers aeolus cl 6110 electric grooming clipper

The Aeolus CL-6110 is your proven clipper alternative to the Wahl 9766. It’s a cordless clipper designed for pet care professionals such as veterinarians and pet groomers.


This trimmer is cordless and allows precise cutting in hard-to-reach areas such as faces, ears, and paws. This item is lightweight and gives groomers, pet professionals, and pet owners the freedom they need. The slim and light design fits comfortably in your hand to reduce wrist fatigue.

The blade is adjustable in five ranges. You can get a 2.2mm, 1.8mm, 1.5mm, 1.2mm, or 0.8mm cutting length from it. This provides flexibility to cut any type of pet hair. It is ideal for cutting and touching up around the muzzle, face, ears, paws, and footpads. It slides quickly and coolly through thick layers of hair follicles.

If your dog ​​is large, it can be difficult to move around, especially if you have little space in your house. Without cables, it would be easy to maneuver around your dog. This model has a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery provides the clipper with a cordless use of over an hour. The product comes with two blades, a power cord, a cleaning kit, and two batteries, which are, of course, rechargeable.

You won’t need to pay a lot of money for it, and you will be able to enjoy using it in the comfort of your home.
Buying this clipper may not be ideal for those who like to travel a lot while taking their dog ​​with them. The clipper doesn’t come with a pouch or case for storage, making it unprotected against breaking. However, you may easily improvise or get a travel case for it separately.

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  • Clipper blades are adjustable in 5 ranges
  • We like the beautiful color and overall design
  • Can be used cordlessly or with a cord attached
  • Quiet, maintenance-free, professional-grade clipper


  • There is no travel/storage case included


Wahl KM10 Brushless 2-Speed Dog Clipper


The Wahl KM10 Clipper includes everything you will need to trim your Labradoodle as it can cut the thickest hair. According to the manufacturer, it can last up to 10,000 uses.


This is an exceptional clipper for pet fur and it protects your pet from cuts or tugging. The Wahl Clipper features precision and self-sharpening blades. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel and stays sharper for longer. Its animal-friendly features make grooming easy for you and comfortable for your dog.

This clipper is ergonomically designed for ease of use. It features a brushless motor technology which can cut thick hair and ensure up to 10,000 haircuts during its lifetime. The powerful motor is adjustable in two speed levels. It can run up to 3,700 revolutions per minute on the highest speed and up to 3,000 RPM for the lower speed.

The kit consists of several accessories. It includes a small pet clipper, a blade guard, a storage case, oil, a cleaning brush, and an instruction manual. However, it doesn’t come with a storage case (except for the pack) and a pair of scissors.

This item is wired and is not intended for use in places where you can’t connect it to the mains. We like how versatile it is. You can use it on your horse, dog, or any other pet, and the two speed settings give you such flexibility. Also, this item is relatively quiet.


  • It can cut through thick fur
  • The clipper doesn’t pull pets’ hair
  • Brushless motor technology for endurance and longevity
  • Can last up to 10,000 haircuts
  • It is efficient on dogs and horses


  • Doesn’t come with a travel case or scissors



Before using a dog clipper, make sure it is safe to use on your pet, and then slowly get your little friend used to the device. Do not make any compromises when buying a dog clipper. Ensure it has a robust material, a quiet motor, adjustable speed settings, and the prevention of possible overheating.

If you want us to recommend just a model out of the lot, then we think you should choose the Oster A6. Its three speed settings make it suitable for all types of fur. The heavy-duty zinc alloy construction gives it better endurance. Also, it’s a good model for professional use. If you’re low on budget and need a portable and transportable clipper that can work autonomously on battery, choose the Wahl 9766.

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