Best Brushes for a Cockapoo of 2022

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Cockapoos are the product of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. Both of these breeds individually have fabulous coats, and when combined, the result is a unique fur that is stunning but requires a bit more care. The biggest difference is that these cute little pooches shed a bit differently, and they may need to be groomed daily.

In order to make sure that your Cockapoo looks sharp, you will want to buy the right grooming tools, including the brush. So we have found some of the best brushes for Cockapoos on the market and have taken an in-depth look at each for you. We hope this helps you out!

Comparison Chart

41AW6oon QL
GoPets Double-Sided Brush
Best Choice
Sharper Image Dog Brush
Best Price
Andis Premium Firm Slicker Brush
Best for Removing Knots and Mats

Brushes for a Cockapoo Reviews

GoPets Double-Sided Brush

41AW6oon QL

Cockapoos shed differently than other dogs, and that means you will need a unique brush to do the job. That is why the first option we are looking at is a dual-sided option that is two tools in one.


  • Pin & bristle design
  • Non-slip handle
  • Breather hole
  • Dimensions – 9.5” x 3” x 2.5”
  • Weight – 7.8 oz.

Having one tool to handle the two different aspects of your Cockapoo’s fur is a bonus. This means there is less room needed for storage, which is nice for you. This double-sided brush from GoPets brings with it a lot more, though. No matter the cut you have your Cockapoo rocking, this brush will work, and it will be gentle on them too!

Now there are a few things that we didn’t like about the design of this brush. The first is that the maintenance is a little challenging. On top of that, even with the dual-sided design, some pups may require extra tools for a proper grooming experience.


  • The dual-sided design helps remove matted and loose hair
  • Crafted to be suitable for dogs with multiple hair lengths
  • Handle is made to be non-slip
  • Pins are made to be gentle but effective on your cockapoo


  • Maintenance is not as easy as other brushes
  • May need to use other tools for a complete groom


BV 2-Sided Grooming Brush


Our next brush is a dual-sided model as well, which means it will be able to keep your Cockapoo’s coat on point with very little effort. Crafted to be gentle and easy to use, it is definitely one of the best brushes on the market.


  • 2-in-1 brush
  • Ergonomic anti-slip handle
  • Storage eyelet
  • Ventilation hole
  • Dimensions – 2” x 3” x 9.5”
  • Weight – 3.2 oz.

Brushing your pup after a bath is something many of us do. However, often the tools we use make it difficult to get the job done without some mess. The handle of this brush is made to negate this problem. On top of that, the pins and bristles are gentle and won’t irritate your pup in the least.

Sounds pretty impressive, but even though this brush is pretty great, it is in no way perfect. The bristles are gentle but not durable. Many have had a pin break after a few uses. The cleaning process for the brush is also a little time-consuming.


  • Even if the brush is wet, you won’t lose your grip
  • The bristles are designed to be gentle on your pup’s skin
  • Pins are flexible to enhance the performance of the brush
  • Crafted with an eyelet for easier storage


  • There have been some who have had the pins break easily
  • Getting the brush clean will take a little effort


Sharper Image Dog Brush


The name may not immediately have you thinking of pet grooming tools, but this dual-sided brush is a great option for your Cockapoo. It is created with the same high-quality standards as all of Sharper Images’ other products.


  • Dual-sided brush
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Storage eyelet
  • Round tip pins
  • Dimensions – 9.3” x 3.4” x 2.6”
  • Weight – 3.5 oz.

We know that some of us Cockapoo owners like to keep our pup’s fur a little on the thicker side, but that makes grooming even more challenging. That is why we chose to include this brush from Sharper Image. Its pins are distributed in a wider pattern, which helps with thick coats.

Even though this brush is crafted with a lightweight, durable material, there are still some things that might not work for every Cockapoo owner. The size is a little small, which might be good for the dog but may make it more difficult to use. Some have also said that the pins could be a little firmer.


  • Crafted with materials that elevate the durability of this brush
  • Designed with more space between pins for thicker coats
  • The brush is lightweight, so it is easy to use for extended grooming sessions
  • Tool is good with wet hair


  • Some have found the size is smaller than expected
  • There have been issues with the firmness of the pin side


Andis Premium Grooming Brush

Matting is a problem if Cockapoos are not properly groomed, so choosing a brush that removes dead hair as effectively as this one is a great idea. It is easy to use and will have your pup looking great.


  • Slicker brush
  • Anti-slip soft-grip handle
  • Round pin tops
  • Dimensions – 11” x 5.5” x 2”
  • Weight – 3.2 oz.

Maybe you don’t want a dual-sided brush and are just looking for a good slicker brush. This option from Andis is a reliable choice. Not only is it budget-friendly, but the handle is soft and comfortable. The design is great for getting all the dead hair and the mats that may have formed. It is also easy to clean.

That being said, there are still a few issues that should be addressed before you make your decision. It is a little larger and depending on your Cockapoo’s size, this could be a problem. The brush is also made with plastic, and it is not as durable as other models.


  • The handle is soft, which makes it more ergonomic to hold
  • Price versus value is quite good in comparison to other brushes
  • Easily removes matted and dead hair
  • Brush is easy to empty and clean


  • Some find the size a little large for smaller dogs
  • The plastic used is not as durable as other materials


The Doodle Brush


Our last brush on this list is one that is specifically designed for Poodles and other Poodle crossbreeds like the Cockapoo. It is designed to reduce snagging and help with tangles.


  • Slicker brush design
  • Curved pins
  • Dimensions – 11.6” x 4.8” x 1.7”
  • Weight – 5 oz.

The best thing about this brush is that it is designed to handle the fur concerns of Poodles and the other breeds that have been crossed with them. This means it is used for the unique shedding and coat of your Cockapoo. Things like curved pins to prevent snagging and multiple sections for more coverage all are pluses when it comes to grooming your pup.

For this unique and niche design, though, you will end up paying a little more. This may be the most significant drawback in our minds. And unlike other brushes that allow you to remove hair through their design, you will have to remove the hair manually with this one.


  • Brush is designed specifically for Poodle breeds
  • The design of the pins helps make brushing easier and stops snagging
  • Two sections allow for ore area to be covered with a single stroke
  • This grooming tool doesn’t weigh much and is easy to store


  • The price of this brush is a little steep
  • You have to remove the hair manually


Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of the best brushes for Cockapoos out there right now. We hope that you and your beautiful four-legged friend will be able to find the right brush from the options above.

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